Pyro Financial Services-Products

Mobile Money Platform

Pyro’s Mobile Money Platform is robust and is built on multiple levels. It enables mobile users to make financial transactions even if they don’t hold a bank account. The various levels in the Platform such as Application level, the Database level, the Transaction level, Data security, Fraud Prevention and Management, Multi Access and Multi Level Report Repository and Audit Trail enable seamless mobile transactions.

The application is designed keeping the security and sensibility of financial transactions. All transactions interact directly with application and transaction related data are stored in the application. The application requires a valid user ID and password in order to use the system.

The database interacts with only authorised external entities. The data is stored in an encrypted form in the database. Access to the Master Database of transactions is protected by a strong password and database access is allowed only to the internal modules. All the vital data in the database is protected using the 3DES algorithm.

The application interacts with the server via secure channel with encrypted (3DES) data. The data is encrypted at the application end and transported over a secured medium. Once the request hits the server, the data is decrypted and further processed as per the request and a response is sent back in the encrypted form via secured medium to the application.

Data Security for all transactions is implemented using the 3DES algorithm. The 3DES algorithm is a very popular cipher block and secure algorithm which is used in several data communication systems. All transactions employ the 3DES algorithm for encryption of data between internal modules.

Velocity Check: The platform continuously monitors the application logs or transactional logs to ensure that multiple requests are not emanating from the same mobile number/IP within the specified time duration to same beneficiary. If such a case arises, the mobile money platform rejects such requests automatically.

Standard Velocity Check: Transaction denial occurs whenever the daily/weekly/monthly limit on the number of transactions for a wallet is exceeded.

Enhanced Velocity Check: Transaction denial occurs whenever too many authorisation attempts with different wallets from the same phone number or IP address within a certain time period are made.

Reports are generated at various access points like reports for users, admin etc. They also generate at various levels like Transactions Report at Application level, Failed Request & Error Reports at Database level etc.​

The Mobile Money Platform provides Audit trail log for auditing purpose. The log information access is configurable based on user privileges. Log holds information files related to end-to-end transaction and log field includes information/reports related to Message originator/destination, time, user login details, recipients detail etc.

The following types of audit logs are available:

  • System access logs
  • Transaction Logs
  • Interface communication logs
  • Errors / Panic Logs
  • Application / Module Logs

Pyro Financial Services-Products

Local Recharge

Pyro’s Local Recharge Hub is a seamless and intelligent mobile financial solution that enables the transfer of International Airtime and Remittances. It also enables Mobile Recharges and Top-ups under GSMA open standards.

This Hub gives mobile subscribers the convenience of sending and receiving international remittances directly from/to their mobile handset instead of using internet. Customers will benefit from recharging their mobile phone while roaming using the visited network infrastructure and the visitor network Recharge voucher. Customers will not only be able to transfer money internationally, but would be able to pay bills/merchants in the visited country in a roaming scenario, and can pay bills/merchants of their loved ones from wherever they are in the world. Local Recharge Hub will also help the customers to send value to the receiver's mobile money account, which can be cashed out from the operator's retail chain.

MNOs are able to derive direct revenues from international remittance transactions & recharge transaction as well as indirect benefits from reduced customer churn. This provides additional revenue for MNOs as the subscribers perform other financial transactions from their mobile wallets. This platform will also help the web based Airtime seller to interface with only one system to get access to multiple services of multiple MNOs. In turn, MNOs can rely on single platform for settlement and reconciliation and receive a single Invoice for settlement.

Originating Mobile Money Operator

  • Transaction fee potentially including a share of any foreign exchange benefit
  • Increased value in the mobile money bank account
  • Increased utility of the mobile money service
  • Value added service on mobile money
  • Enablement of Airtime time up internationally for their customers
  • Enable cross-border/International Payment, money transfer to their customers
  • Monetize on the agent network already built for local service
  • Flexibility of configuring different margins for different OPCOS

  • Potential share of the international remittance transaction fee & recharge fee for visited roaming customers and any foreign exchange benefit
  • Injection of money into the mobile money bank account, increasing the float and interest income (where applicable) and making more e-money available with which customers can perform fee generating transactions such as withdrawals, pay bills and so on
  • Interoperability at the international level
  • Operational cost saving by getting funds into the customer account without the direct cost of agent deposit fees
  • Increased utility of the mobile money service
  • Roaming customer stickiness as the customer can recharge his account in the visited network
  • Monetize on the agent network already built for local service

  • Centralised settlement process – Single Invoice
  • One-to-one - Local platform to hub platform reconciliation as against one to many, local to each entity reconciliation
  • Access to larger International network
  • One stop shop for International Airtime, Money transfer and Merchant/bill payments

  • Reduced cost of transacting
  • Easy access to agent outlets: A large agent network, established for a domestic service, makes it much more convenient for senders to put cash into, or recipients to withdraw cash from, their mobile money accounts
  • Fast, simple transactions: It is relatively fast and easy to send or receive money via mobile
  • Secure transactions: Mobile money services are safer than informal means of money transfer

Pyro Financial Services-Products

Electronic Airtime Top-up

Mobile operators today are looking to cut down costs in terms of production and distribution and increase their over-all profits. As the pre-paid mobile customers are increasingly becoming a major part of a mobile operator’s subscriber base, the production and distribution of pre-paid recharge cards involves significant expenditure to a mobile operator. Pyro’s E-Top-up solution aims at cutting these costs for the mobile operators.

Pyro’s E-Top-up solution is designed to deliver a convenient way for prepaid subscribers to top-up their airtime irrespective of time and place with multiple channel sources. Pyro’s E-Top-up solution at the back-end enables the production and distribution of airtime for MNOs prepaid platform. This replaces the physical voucher recharge system by a dynamic system that enables the financial transactions seamlessly. It enables prepaid mobile subscribers to recharge their pre-paid accounts at a retailer outlet by making the payment directly to the retailer by sending appropriate commands to the Intelligent Networks (IN), which in turn handles the talk time transfer process. This solution offers all recharge denomination values.

Airtime stock distribution happens across the distribution network of the MNO and Pyro has set-up the seamless network for 117 million subscriber base and distributing airtime over a vast retail network of over 7,00,000 active retail points for BSNL across 21 circles for more than 5 years.

The benefits of the e-top up solution are as follows

  • Enables complete automation & simplification of the entire ‘Recharge’ process
  • Accurate & Foolproof system
  • Avoid prepaid voucher printing, distribution and inventory management cost
  • Instant execution – Saves time & other related logistical hurdles
  • Prevents Thefts/Frauds - Real-time electronic inventory management allows unprecedented granularity and transparency for full oversight of the retail channel
  • Maintaining Primary, Secondary & Tertiary Sales Reports - MIS access at each level of sale
  • Customisable & Portable for future requirements
  • Customer comfort & satisfaction in easy/quick transactions
  • Retention of customers


  • Receiving request from handset
  • Retailer and Subscriber validation
  • Sending the balance enquiry to IN
  • Sending Recharge request to IN
  • Sending the response received from IN to the retailer and as well as subscriber

Stock Movement (Main dealer to sub dealer and sub dealer to retailer)

  • Receiving the request from Handset
  • Source dealer and destination retailer validation
  • Deducting the stock from source account
  • Adding the stock to destination

Check Stock

  • Receiving the request from Handset
  • Querying the retailer balance and sending the same to Retailer

Change MPIN

  • Receiving the request from Handset
  • Changing the old password to new password (MPIN)


  • Alarm for in case if the stock falling under configured threshold

Dealer Management

  • Configuring N Level retailer chain
  • Searching the dealer/retailer
  • Retailer Chain movement from one tree to another tree
  • Bulk Retailer Chain upload
  • Bulk Retailer Activation and Deactivation

Stock Management

  • Stock Allocation to the Dealers
  • Stock Allocation Approval
  • Stock Allocation Cancellation
  • Stock Movement Cancellation
  • Minimum Stock Allocation Based on the Category

  • IN Reconciliation Vs Electronic top-up transactions reports
  • Final confirmation SMS over OTA instead of SMSC
  • PIN based recharges for migration coupons
  • Identification of franchisee wise transactions at IN
  • De centralisation of Electronic top-up privileges to SSAs and CSAs
  • Restriction of multiple transactions
  • Customer care online database access
  • Alarm Management
  • Utility bill payment integration

Pyro Financial Services-Products

Merchant Aggregation

Pyro is a Merchant Aggregator and Payment Solution Service Provider that enrolls merchants through whom e-commerce, bill payments, recharges and other mobile payment transactions can be processed. Pyro’s platform has aggregated merchant and retailers for mobile payment services with over 7,00,000 active retail points that virtually enabled for mobile money transactions and bill payments.

Pyro aggregates merchants, retailers and even small entrepreneurs and businessmen to become channel partners and setup a merchant account even though they or their customers does not have a bank account or credit card. Pyro provides the means for facilitating payment from the consumer via Pyro’s Mobile Money Platform that maintains virtual money for virtual transactions.

Pyro’s SpeedPay is a one stop solution that empowers merchants, retailers and customers to maintain virtual wallets on the Mobile Money Platform and make Mobile recharges, Bill Payments for utilities such as Electricity, Water, Gas etc, DTH/TV recharge, Broadband recharge, Movie tickets, Mobile Wallet top-ups, Indian Railways Tickets (IRCTC) Bus Tickets etc.

Pyro Financial Services-Products

Airtime Advance

Airtime Advance Service solution is based on the concept of airtime advance to prepaid subscriber. Pyro’s Airtime Advance Platform allocates advance based on subscribers past record of consumption & recharges. Multiple parameters are considered for advance such as age on network, value of recharge, frequency of recharge, etc. After analysis of various parameters advance is allocated.

Airtime Advance Service platform is future ready and provides extensive reports on transactions and reconciliation. For handling customer queries the platform may also be integrated with Customer Care.

Airtime Advance Service solution provides operators a high revenue earning potential with minimal investment and zero financial risk.

Subscriber Profiling:
Post analysis of subscriber history on certain parameters profiling is done, these parameters can be:

  • ARPU
  • Age on network
  • Frequency of airtime purchase
  • Amount of airtime purchased each time
  • Other parameters suggested by Operator
  • For creating the profiles buckets, subscriber information of previous six months will be taken from the Operator for creating the list of eligible and non-eligible subscribers for Airtime Advance
  • Once the master profiles are created, it will be only the incremental data of the subscribers (eligible & subscribers completing six months) month on month will be taken from operator for enhancing the eligible list

Scheme Management:

  • Ability to launch multiple schemes concurrently depending on subscriber profiles and market requirement

Reward Management:

  • Reward points scheme to track subscriber repayment pattern and assist in dynamic profiling

Service Charging:

  • Ability to activate or deactivate base charge & transaction charge
  • Fixed base charge for all credit transactions extended to subscriber
  • Flexibility to the subscriber to repay amount any day to save further transaction charge
  • Service charge discounting can be built into a specific scheme linked to profile holding high value subscribers
  • Built in SMPP module for targeted promotions or sending reminders to subscribers

User Access Management:

  • Comprehensive web portal including user access management


  • MIS reporting module to track all dimensions of product performance

Customer Care interface:

  • Provides easy and hassle free way to handle queries & concerns of subscriber regarding service offerings

  • Easily accessible with a few button clicks
  • Provides an edge over competition
  • Enhances user experience and improves customer satisfaction
  • Helps build brand loyalty
  • Enhances call completion rate
  • Provides easy integration with existing network
  • Device & network agnostic service
  • Universal access medium – USSD
  • Provides new market opportunity
  • Generates higher revenue for operators
  • Ensures zero risk for operators. Pyro will underwrite 100% of the risk of exposed capital

Pyro Financial Services-Products

Prepaid Card Program Management

Pyro’s Mobile Money Platform also provides mobile wallet linked reloadable prepaid cards which are used to store money, transfer funds, make payments (in-store & online) and withdraw cash from ATMs. These cards are like prepaid money cards that allow the card holder to avail the following features:

  • Cash In/Cash Out via MNO agent or Bank
  • Remittance via Mobile App, USSD Menu and Portal
  • Bill payments
  • Payments towards anyone accepting ‘MasterCard’
  • No credit check
  • No need for bank account
  • No minimum balance or penalties
  • Earn loyalty points for every $ spent & redeem points for attractive rewards
  • Track and manage spending using mobiles